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For the past 3 years, Timberdoodle Co has jumped into the world of autism with both feet. Nearly half of our employees have received specialized training for working with autistic children. Seminars, classes, distance learning and even video evaluations have been tremendously helpful for us. However, all that pales in comparison to the impact of having Krissy, a child with severe autism, live with us for over a year now. The daily life of teaching a child with autism has let us see first hand which theories, programs and tools are beneficial, and which seem to be mere hype.

After 20+ years of meeting the needs of home educators, including those with special needs children, Timberdoodle is officially expanding its ministry to equip families with some of the best tools available for confronting autism. While we readily acknowledge that every autistic child is different, we are eager to share with you those things that have been helpful for us. Here at Timberdoodle’s Autism Center, you will find descriptions of products we like and sell, along with links, free stuff and our blog, detailing the hilarity and frustration of life with autism.



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