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Rosetta Stone

Have you ever thought that learning English seemed as difficult for your child with autism as learning a second language would be for you? Why not use a program designed to teach English as a second language? We had used and sold Rosetta Stone for many years before we started teaching a child with autism, so it was naturally the first ESL program we reached for. It is perfect! Not only does it teach basic words and phrases in a systematic way, but also its computer interface seems intuitive to children with autism. The written text on screen was helpful for Krissy, as she has auditory processing difficulties. If it becomes a distraction or a crutch, simply skip that portion of the drill. You are able to choose which reward and error sounds to use, in order to pick ones that are appropriately motivating for your child. We credit this program with a critical role in helping Krissy begin to spontaneously label things and actions.

Best of all, a free demo lets you try it before investing the money. The demo is available as a download; or request a free demo CD with any order from





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